Somatic Psychotherapy

Nervous System Repatterning and Attachment Theory

Over-Active Sympathetic Nervous System

If you find yourself unable to relax, have rapid thoughts, or you experience chronic anxiety, its likely your sympathetic nervous system(SNS), the fight/flight response system is activating unnecessarily, causing chronic stress, low energy, as well as other physiological health issues. In relationships you may be quick to upset and slow to soothe. Its not your fault. Our bodies learn how to appraise danger at an early age.

De-Activating Parasympathetic Nervous System

Depression, zoning out, and fog brain point us to the dissociation that occurs when the response to stress is the “freeze mode.” Animals will play dead and reptiles use this function to survive as well. This type of shutdown appears in challenges with communication or social anxiety, procrastinating habits that lead to feeling unproductive, and the sense of being emotionally “numb.”

Social Nervous System-Ventral Vagal System

Many of us grew up in home environments that did not provide adequate soothing and trust building opportunities. This can make it difficult to trust and open in relationships as an adult. It also can impact our abilities to respond appropriately to stress rather than reacting and reaching for unhealthy ways to regulate emotions such as sex, alcohol, drugs, or food.

In Nervous System Repatterning you will learn cues of safety and comfort so that you can better soothe yourself in stressful situations. Sometimes this involves light touch through Craniosacral Therapy, sometimes on the massage table, sometimes on the couch.

You will learn how to “get out of your head,” build your trust in your body to respond to stress in healthy ways, and grow your body-love and self-confidence.