Individuals Therapy

Something deep inside you is calling you to this work.  It may be a longing for relief, direction, or re-connection to self.

Working with Marni Levy, LMFT you discover the internal power source- that which creates meaning, builds relationships, and carves careers and life ambitions.  

In order to tap into, realign with, or discover, your True Self, your Natural Self, the Self that is plugged into the power line of the True Yang energy source-we focus our work on healing and transformation. Going inward we clean out that which is old and no longer serving us; moving outward we can connect and create with people and pursuits which support and nourish our True Self.

I use a Somatic and Mindfulness based therapy approach called the Hakomi Method, to work with your “core material", the composition of your memories, beliefs, and traumas that influence the major themes of life: safety, belonging, support, power, freedom, control, responsibility, love, appreciation, sexuality, spirituality, etc. 

Together we will use our relationship to heal old wounds, support your longings and grow your passions.

For more on what somatic therapy includes, check out my FAQ section.

  • Specialties

    • Assertiveness

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Body Image, binge eating,
      emotional eating

    • Self Esteem

    • Romance/Dating

    • Career shifts

    • Loss/Grief

    • LGBTQ issues

    • Inter-generational Trauma

    • Poly-lifestyle

    • Sexual/Gender Diversity/Kink

    • Addiction


    • Hakomi, Somatic Psychotherapy

    • DBT, Mindfulness-Based

    • CBT, Cognitive behavioral

    • Attachment theory

    • Role play, Psychodrama

    • Meditation Skills

    • NonViolent Communication Skills

    • Drug/Alcohol Harm Reduction

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