Couples Therapy

From cradle to coffin we all need love and connection.

When we have safety and security in our relationship, we know we can turn to our person and regain a sense of balance in our world.

When the safety is not there we feel disorganized, fearful, and alone.

I'm trained in the Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples approach which uses attachment theory as a way to decrease conflict and tension and increase emotional responsiveness and affection.  My work with couples is a compassionate and loving approach. Together we honor anger and frustration as natural responses to bond-threatening situations, and transform reactive cycles into cycles of empathy, vulnerability, and repair.


  • High Conflict

  • Affairs/Infidelity

  • Low conflict, low intimacy

  • Issues with physical touch/sex

  • Forgiveness/Quicker repair

  • Polyamorous relationships

  • Defensiveness/Blame Cycles

  • Trust Building

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